DIY Rustic Wood American Flag

This from that.

DIY Rustic American Flag.

You’r going to need some of these things…

I forgot to take a picture of the paint I used or the paint brush.

What you’ll need:


Red, blue and white paint


Paint brush

Measuring tape

Nails and hammer

Wood glue



Painters tape

Star stamp or potato and knife

Sand paper 100, 220 grit and sand paper block

Scrap wood (I used 6 pieces of 3/4 in wide scrap mahogany (34in long each) backed with 1 piece 1/8in partical/pressed plywood (cut into three 3 1/2 x 22in strips). Here is a picture of the height.

And here is the length.

These are the 6 mahogany boards.

This is a picture of the partical board cut into strips, and one showing the thickness.


Step one: Cut your boards to the dimension you want. I had my husband do this. I want to make him feel useful, you know 🙂

Step two: I laid the boards out to see if everything was cut to the right dimensions (this is the back view).

Step three: I used Gorilla wood glue to glue each of the 6 boards together and clamped them. Let them sit for 24 hours. I only bought one clamp because I didn’t want to spend $30 on a scrap wood project.

The magazines are to keep the ends of the clamp from digging into the wood, you really don’t need to do this but you can if you want. I used a log and this heavy roll of roofing paper stuff because my boards wanted to buckle up.

And this is what you get (front view).

Step four: Remove any excess wood glue with water and a rag or if its too dried on there use an exacto knife, like I had to.

Step five: Sand your flag to prep for paint. I used 220 sand paper.

Step six: Flip your flag over and attach your backing with small finishing nails. The husband did this too because he was under the impression I would mess it up. HA! Little does he know I can use a hammer not just a paint brush! 

Step seven: Prime your flag, If you want you can wipe off excess primer with a rag or paper towel.

Step eight: Tape off your stripes. Make sure you use a pencil to mark your lines first. It was helpful for me to mark a “R” for the red lines (erase these before you paint over them so they don’t show through).

Step Nine: Start painting!

Make sure to tap off your lines for white and red stripes. 

This is with one coat. I did two.

Step ten: Mark where your stars will be. I used a real flag as a guide. 

Step eleven: Start stamping your stars. I made my star stamp out of a potato. Neat huh!? I painted the potato stamp with my paint brush and then stamped onto the flag. 

I ended up hand painting my star more because I wanted sharper lines. But if you like the potato stamp look then leave it how it is.

Here is my flag after painting was completed. 

You can stop here if you want but if you want a rustic flag then read on.

Step twelve: Using 100 grit sandpaper (I tried 220 and it was too smooth) and a sanding block sand your dried flag to give it a weathered look. Pay special attention to any raised areas and the edged of the flag.

And that’s it! Enjoy your new (but old looking) flag and thanks for visiting Our Life in the Making!

I ended up hanging ours flanked by some family pictures. This is where my husband wanted it actually. I figured since he helped and I was making the flag for him he could pick where it went. I still need to change the pictures and frames. There position and that brown one is bugging me! That’s my OCD kickin in.

Ps. Do you like my fruit bowl? I painted that with acrylic paint and used a spray paint clear coat meant to seat wood. It turned out awesome and matches my Kitchen Aid mixer!