Our Life In The Making
Oak Harbor, Washington

Bio: Our Life In The Making. That's pretty self explanatory. Right? Right! I don't have too much to say on the topic. I'm not much of a philosopher so I won't dissect its meaning. After all I don't want to scare you away! Our life. Its pretty great 🙂 So far there is three of us. I've been SO wonderfully blessed because I get to stay home with the cutest little baby boy in the whole wide world, if I might say so! Zane and I have quite a good time with each other. We have lots of fun making things. Mostly crafty things. But we also bake. O man do I love baking. And yes eating those baked goods. Cooking also occurs in the kitchen but its not quite as fun as baking. Now I would say "we" but its really just myself that enjoys working out. Daddy helps us out when he's not away making the big bucks. He helps out mostly with the eating and playing part 🙂 But he does a mean job of mowing the lawn and taking the garbage out. Typical guy, yes. Right now we're stationed on Whidbey Island. Which is great since we both grew up in Washington. Its lovely being close to family. Its beautiful being stationed where the air smells clean and you get breathtaking views of snow covered mountains daily. Yep, daily. These are the little things that make our life 🙂

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